Creativism: The Revolution in the Society Organisation!

The modern society needs a new organisation, that will replace the dominating nowadays capitalism because it has reached its limits and can’t more follow the rhythm of progress. The creativism is a new system that is going to replace the capitalism. It aims to ensure the transition from “hand” civilization to a “brainy” civilisation. 

This is the European site of creativism addressing specific problems in Europe. The general information is available in english on our International site or in french on our French site .  

The creativism model is described in the book of Prof. Dr. INOV (available on Amazon, Kindle some other sites or libraries) 

Creativism : Majour Creative Revolution and high intelligence society

Creativism is the new socio-economic model that will ensure the MAJOR INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION during the next 1000 years. It is inspired by the requirement of the fundamental laws of the Universe to increase the level of intellectual energy of human society in order to increase its resistance and it’s conquest ability so as to spread life on other planets. It calls for creativity and innovation to replace the class struggle and naturally follows capitalism and socialism. The book address :

  • What is the mission of man, programmed by Nature through the laws of the Universe?

  • What are the laws of evolution of innovation, their consequences until the year 3 000 and the prediction of the MAJOR INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION?

  • How does the new theory of economic innovation explain why the economy of socialism has collapsed and why the economy of capitalism is also entering its final phase?

  • Why neither socialism nor capitalism is able to ensure the progress of society and become a brake on its advancement?

  • The law of the intellectual evolution of man up to the year 3 000.

  • The future evolution of man: from immortal and super-intelligent to spatial living intelligent systems

  • Why did humans invent the religion?

  • What is the socio-economic organization of the new model – the creativism?

  • How will the transition from “hand civilizations” to “brain civilizations” take place?

  • Why shall we not work anymore, and by what shall we replace the work?

  • Why is the integral ecology the next, more advanced step in respect to the environmental ecology?

  • A simplified example of transition of France to a creative society. 

Creativism is the new social, economic and political model of society based on objective natural laws. It will replace capitalism and socialism based on subjective principles such as individualism or collectivism. Creativism creates a new organization of society that optimizes the stimulation of creativity, science and innovation as well as the capacity to implement their results.

Some important consequences will be a MAJOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIAL, SOCIAL and POLITICAL REVOLUTION, important human and societal transformations.